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About Us


Market Leaders in Timeshare Resale

We are the Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket, a highly professional company with an excellent reputation for customer care. We have been trading in timeshare Resales for over eleven years and currently have the biggest database of timeshare week's available, plus long waiting lists of buyers who are eager for specific weeks when they become available.

Our European Headquarters are located in Bournemouth, Dorset in the United Kingdom, so we conduct our business strictly in line with the Timeshare Act of 1992. We specialise in matching buyers to sellers and handle over 1000 such transactions each and every week, so when you are dealing with us, you can rest assured that you are dealing with the best in the business.

We are full members of Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE), the governing body for timeshare in Europe. This association allows us to offer a safe and professional service to all our clients, ensuring that all legal obligations are adhered to every step of the way.